4 Types of Science Fiction Media

4 Types of Science Fiction Media


Science fiction is a genre that has grown exponentially in the past few decades. Ever since the Space Race in the mid-20th century, humans have been obsessed with their place in the universe and whether we’re alone, or if there is an alien race out there that we could somehow contact. Science fiction capitalizes on that question in several different mediums, four of which will be discussed here.


Douglas Adams is one of the most influential science fiction writers ever as the author of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. The series integrated comedy into fantastical ideas so well that it defines how people write science fiction to this day.


The War of the Worlds was a radio drama broadcast in 1938 that depicted the world being overtaken by aliens. The broadcast was so realistic that people listening all around the country believed that aliens had come to take over for real.


Cosmology revolution is a series of online videos by Bill Copeland explaining how we can strive towards a “Star Trek universe”. Star Trek has been so influential in society that some scientific advancements are based around some elements from the television shows and movies.


One of the most popular media franchises ever is Star Wars. Episode VII of Star Wars is the fourth highest-grossing movie ever, and it is the fifth highest-grossing media franchise. It is truly the pinnacle of what science fiction can achieve.

Science fiction has not only spawned countless books, radio broadcasts, television shows, and movies, but people use it as an outlet in all facets of life. Whether through conventions, fanfiction, cosplay, or some other means, science fiction fans have found ways to show their love for the genre in ways unseen by any other group of fans in history.


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