Highly Useful Customs Sports Bottle to Keep You Hydrated on Hot Days

Highly Useful Customs Sports Bottle to Keep You Hydrated on Hot Days


It is essential to stay hydrated to maintain your health. Hence, on hot days it is a must to carry custom sports bottle with you especially if you are exercising in gym or playing your favorite game outdoors.

You can even make it your promo item to gift your customers or clients. The bottles will greatly help as it will look trendier and have versatile usage. It is the best solution as the user can carry liquid in it stay hydrated all the time. You can get Custom Printed Bottles from credible sources like Custom Earth Promo.

Here are a few types of sports bottle to plan your promo gifts:

  • Stadium cup – it is the best alternative to paper cup, but the users don’t destroy it after used. They are made of eco friendly material, lightweight thus integral part of every home parties and meetings. Your brand logo can be creatively printed and won’t cost much, thus can place great bulk orders.
  • Fitness bottle – It may seem costlier, but is an excellent promo accessory as people prefer to carry such bottles everywhere during summer days. The bottles are available in varied bright and convectional colors and your logo will look perfect in the center. The stylish look and sleek shape help to easily carry it and thus it is best to use as it lasts for many years.
  • Collapsible water bottle – Yes, even toddlers can use it, hence don’t forget to gift it to grandparents and parents. They will think of your shop whenever their baby uses the bottle. Even youngsters prefer to use such bottle as it won’t spill the water. They are often on the move thus need water bottle that is spill safe while riding. When it is empty you can fold it in your bag or pocket, hence the best partner while hiking or picnicking.
  • Techno bottle with phone holder – If you prefer to gift a modern looking promo bottle to customers don’t miss this kind of bottle. It has a smart looking holder connected with the bottle, thus helps to use mobile phone and also drink from it to quench the thirst. People love to use the bottle for drinking chill beverage while listening to songs or hearing live commentary of their favorite game on the phone.
  • Snack and sip tumbler – Yes, it is as well two in one function item good to be used by kids and by elders as well. It can be used during office short breaks. You can grab a quick snack and drink or while on a picnic. It has a straw and the user can have snack while sipping the drink at the same time.

You can find such versatile usage bottles on online shops like customearthpromos.com. The manufacturer and marketer of such usable bottles are in the market for many years and thus they won’t provide inferior quality products. You can order the products in bulk for elegant looking bottles at discount price. You need not worry as gifting of such innovatively designed bottles is sure to be appreciated by your customers.


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