Is Phone Radiation Really A Thing?

Is Phone Radiation Really A Thing?


Radiation is one of the incredibly physically harmful effects that we all encounter. There are several people today who use their mobile phones a number and they don’t know how much pollution they are being sent. Several research studies are suggesting that radiation from mobile phones can affect our DNA and can cause different diseases among many people.

Recent studies have suggested that cell phone radiation is affecting children and even young adults. There is no doubt that the increased exposure of children to radiation from cell phones will result in some problems and future medical costs. The radiation from a cell phone may have a harmful effect on a person’s brain. For children, it could lead to speech and language disorders. But, if the cells of the brain are not damaged or affected, then the effects would not be evident for a long time. Some of the higher levels of radiation that are experienced from cell phones could cause cell phones to emit radiation that is harmful to the eye.

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Could rises in children’s sensitivity to mobile phone radiation affect brain cancer? Research is still underway, but some people claim it may contribute to cancer while some are worried about the impact that could have on small children. It is safe to say that cell phone radiation is the main culprit in the controversy over children’s safety and how to protect them from the effects of radiation. The American Academy of Pediatrics states that there is no evidence to support that children are more at risk than adults of experiencing symptoms that are linked to brain cancer or other health problems. The higher levels of radiation that a child is exposed to, whether it is through their mobile phone or their microwave oven, does not seem to affect their growth or development.

Families should take precautions to secure their children from the impact of radiation on mobile phones. There are protection guidelines they should adopt and some that would ensure sure the kids are as safe as possible. A cell phone needn’t be an utter cause of anxiety. Many of the risks that this implies are also debatable and discussed. However, parents should take responsibility for the actions that they take when it comes to protecting their children and their mind and body.

If you are using your mobile phone a lot then you must get an emf phone case. There are a lot of studies that are showing that people who use their phones a lot are getting a lot more radiation than people who are using an emf phone case for their phones.

There are many advantages to buying an emf phone case. They help in protecting your mobile devices from electromagnetic radiation. These mobile devices emit ionized electromagnetic waves that are harmful to the body. Ionized electromagnetic waves are produced by these mobile phones. These waves can be very harmful to our health and the effects are cumulative. This is why it is essential to purchasing a product like these phone cases in order to safeguard yourself from such harmful radiation.

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These days, more people are buying mobile phones because of the convenience that they offer. However, most people do not even know that they are exposing themselves to harmful radiation. In order to protect yourself from electromagnetic radiation, you need to get the phone case. While these cases are not expensive, they are very useful in protecting you from harmful rays.


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