Quantity Surveying – In The Forefront Of Construction Management

Quantity Surveying – In The Forefront Of Construction Management


Quantity surveying is all about cost management of construction. Quantity Surveyor (QS) mostly assesses the main city costs of a building or perhaps a facility after evaluating the particular feasibility, design and building costs.

  • The scope of work of a quantity surveyor is vast since the particular construction industry is global in nature.
  • In actual estate, quantity surveying entails residential, commercial, industrial, farming and retail facilities.

Within infrastructure, quantity surveying addresses airports, waterways, roads, seaports, power generation and resources.

What Are The Work Involved with Quantity Surveying?

The qualified building quantity surveyor may work as a consultant inside a firm or for the developer in a major company involved in retail, produce or an infrastructure task such as an airport or a power power. A major national or even international contractor can furthermore engage a surveyor. The particular work includes, although not restricted to the following:

Planning of feasibility reports throughout the conception stage. A QS provides independent, precise and reliable initial expense costs and running costs to permit the client to fund a task.

  • Evaluating capital and income expenditure of the task during its entire existence period.
  • Advising clients on procurement of major products after Bill of Quantity (BOQ) preparation.
  • Negotiating along with interested parties.
  • Finalizing the tendering process.
  • Managing the particular contractual documents with vendors of various items.
  • Price management during construction.
  • Offering site support in issues like billing schedule, temporary payments, and reconciling last accounts as well because settling construction claims.

Job Description of a QS

Compensation packages are decent. Salary increases count on obligations undertaken and worth added to qualifications. The particular work is largely office-based with occasional site appointments. Nevertheless , if the require arises, the Quantity surveyor could possibly have to work on prolonged shifts with even immediately stays at construction websites. As regards the common trend, this job is mainly male-dominated, although woman entry is on the particular rise both in the particular private and public field. Lots of opportunities exist with regard to overseas posting. It is fairly common today for the quantity surveyor to carry out freelance work. Actually numerous companies prefer freelancers because they provide dedicated service to allow faster turnaround coming back project execution.

Skill Sets Need By A QS

Good QS must possess multi-disciplinary skills, including outstanding understanding of construction methodologies and practices. Additionally , the particular surveyor must have the opportunity to manage finances, must have high degree of competency, good attention in order to detail, an organized strategy to work, and excellent negotiating skills. A quantity surveyor’s job involves relating to men and women from various and varying strata, therefore excellent interpersonal skills help a lot. Finally, dedication to the job, ability to work under stress of deadlines nears plus staying calm even below adverse scenarios is the particular hallmark of a qualified building quantity surveyor.


The practices carried out by construction companies go through continuous change. The High quality surveyor must therefore become up to date upon all matters to assistance corporate feedback. Utilization of Info Technology is essential with regard to quality improvement purposes plus so is cost manage. In this highly competing environment, staying afloat within business is in itself a major challenge. Quantity surveying thus plays a key role in sustaining stability of construction business.


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