The Seekit Loop – A Multi-functional Tracking Device

The Seekit Loop – A Multi-functional Tracking Device


You may have heard a lot about the Seekit Loop, the Panasonic keychain that makes it easy to track your misplaced keys, or even pets and speakers. Well for those of you who have heard about it, what are you waiting for? Go get your hands on it, for those who haven’t heard about it, here is a quick glimpse of what you need to know about it, a list of its features and why it proves to be immensely handy.

What you need to know about the Seekit Loop

With the help of the tag and connect options, you can use the Seekit Loop to find your lost belongings. It comes with a range of feature that ensures you can use it to move closer to your belongings in a more assured manner. You have to first pair it to the Seekit app which is available on iOS as well as Android. The app has an easy to use user interface and a neatly laid out menu. Once you pair the device to the app, you see a map,which tells you where exactly the tracker is. Some of the reasons you should seriously give this device a try are because:

It suits your outdoor lifestyle perfectly 

Owing to the fact that it is compact and possesses a super slim fit, you can know for sure that it slips anywhere easily making it perfect for all your outdoor adventures. It possesses IP65 splash resistance so you know that any liquid or water does not play spoilsport with the device. You can so use it for a day out at the beach and for the times you want to use it on your mountain bike or tennis racquet. There is also the 100ft range feature so you know your gear is always nearby even as you wander around to witness spectacles unfold.

It is truly smart and convenient

The Seekit Loop is a tracking device for keys that offers customized alerts and notifications. This means you can easily locate your phone with a single click of a button.  Besides this, you can also take advantage of the proximity feature that offers you a ‘hold-cold’ idea of when you are near and far from your possessions. There is also a map mode that makes certain you do not have to retrace your steps to locate your belongings.

It can be used on an everyday basis

Besides being immensely useful, it is also conveniently practical to use on a routine basis. You can share access to your Seek it with a friend which makes it easier to locate your misplaced items. There is also the SOS mode that lets you send alerts to three of your friends or family in case of an emergency to your safety. Other than this, the 18-month battery life ensures you can continue to use the device for along time to come.

So there you go, all of the important aspects you need to know about the Seek it Loop and why you should seriously consider getting your hands on it. If you area frequent traveler, take public transportation more often than not or visit overcrowded areas such as shopping malls, you can really place your faith in this device.It helps you find your belongings and save a great deal of time in the bargain and that’s saying a lot.


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