3 Digital Marketing Myths you should Stop Believing

3 Digital Marketing Myths you should Stop Believing


Digital marketing is one indispensable business strategy in this competitive world, and there is no doubt about it. Digital marketing is embedded in our day-to-day lives. The articles we read on our mobile phones, advertisements we see on search engines and social media, and the videos we consume on video-sharing platforms are all digital marketing. This has completely altered the way businesses compete with each other and find success nowadays.

Many business owners think that Albuquerque digital marketing is timeless as it has become very powerful. Besides, digital marketing is ever-changing, and this is completely true.

Here we have presented some top myths about digital marketing and the truth behind those false beliefs.

Myth – One size fits all approach for multiple channels

This means what works in SEO can be applied in email marketing, content marketing, social media marketing, and more.

Reality: Business people always look for clear cut and simple answers when presented with a problem. This is why there are so many articles on the internet titled ‘keys for successful marketing’ as if they are made specifically tailored to their problems.

However, the truth is that there are no simple tricks for successful digital marketing. In all Albuquerque digital marketing strategies, a multipurpose template should be implemented. The data monitoring strategies are used to gather insights about business campaigns on different channels from social to SEO and make the required improvements along the way. With digital marketing to maximize the potentials of the digital channels being used, learning to monitor your analytics is a must.

Myth: The ROI from this strategy will come swiftly

A well planned digital marketing campaign will get your ROI in no time.

Reality: Many marketers and businesses believe that when they invest a certain X amount on social marketing or digital marketing, they will get back a 3x or 4x of the investment in profit and sales right away.

However, besides the fact that measuring ROI is challenging, realising ROI from the particular strategy will also take time.

In most cases, digital marketing strategies that bring new immediate ROI are the short-term ones like paid ads and PPC campaigns. Elsewhere, most digital marketing strategies are designed to produce long-term results and on-going benefits for the company, such as Albuquerque SEO.

Myth: Having high website traffic is important

Profitable digital marketing strategies can be realised only if the site gains high traffic.

Reality: This is one myth that can be easily deflated with simple logic. Put this way, take hundred young men and place them in a shop that sells ladies’ clothing and accessories. How many men are likely to stay in the shop for more than a few seconds, and who will make a purchase?

Obviously, the answer is none for both the cases. It means all the efforts taken for enticing the customers to go to the shop where all wasted money and time. Having high website traffic is useless until it is high-quality traffic. Hence, it is completely possible to experience an increase in revenue in digital marketing even when the traffic decreases.

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