5 Different Types of Digital Marketing

5 Different Types of Digital Marketing


Marketing is all about spreading awareness among the people about the different things that exist in the market. Earlier the marketing was being done through different means like pamphlets, magazines, newspapers, radio, television, etc. But now the time has changed o the marketing techniques have also changed. No doubt still many promotions are done through the traditional modes but there are some additions to which is included in the concept of digital marketing. If you are confused about pursuing the career opportunity. So, the best way out to this is to pursue the Digital Marketing Courses in Pune. It is for sure that it will add much to the value of your career.

Digital marketing is all about providing marketing services through the means of the internet. Still, various types of marketing are included in this concept.

Some of them are listed as follows:

  • Social media marketing platforms: Today is the world when almost every person is using social media platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc. According to some trusted sources, it was concluded that there are more than 8 million users on social media, and on average, they spend around two to three hours a day scrolling these platforms. So it is the best way to promote the services on these platforms. So the company needs a social media marketer that will provide the best guidance on how to promote on these platforms.
  • Influencer marketing: You might have seen different companies collaborating with the influencers that help the brands to reach the public at large. So here there is the requirement of the marketers that will contact the influencers and will get the deal and agreement on how the brand is to be promoted. This influencer marketing is one of the best and effective types of marketing these days.
  • Email marketing: to personally get in touch with the people, the company can take help of the emails. For this, they need to hire experts that will formulate the database for the targeted population and get the emails customized according to the requirement. So that people at large are personally contacted and even they get to know more about the company and their services.
  • Content marketing: Have you ever come across the word Blogs? Blogs include promotional content about the company, its product, and its services. Nowadays the companies are getting a Blog section on their official website that provides great information to the people about their services and how they are different from others. To improve the effectiveness of the content SEOs and algorithms are used.
  • Pay-per-click: This is a paid sort of advertisement that allows the marketing team to get the traffic on the website. The marketers place the ads on the various social media platforms and pay a fee each time the ad is being clicked on.

So, there is great scope in digital marketing. The person can easily go in any of the fields and can master it to get great opportunities in his career.


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