Better ways to handle criticism of your blog

Better ways to handle criticism of your blog


Everyone who has exhibited their talents in public might have been criticized in private or in public or both. So, if you are a blogger and however great your writings are, there might be someone who will have strongly disliked your scripts. has been known for long in helping the viewers to put up with criticisms and live life to its fullest. The site has in store a multitude of life lessons and gadget advice. The contents are reliable and updated.

The criticisms obviously may shatter you and break your heart into a million pieces. You who have been subjected to only praise in your life will start getting hatred comments while you begin posting your writings online. Thus, it is quite natural that you get offended and feel negative. However, there might be supporters who are there to congratulate you, praise you, and love you. Even if there isn’t one, you should not give up.

Life has to move on who knows that better days are coming. The way a writer responds to his/her criticisms has an immense role in determining if the person can kiss fruits of success.

Tips to a blogger to handle criticisms effectively

This article shall discuss ways to deal with criticisms effectively. Read on to get to know the four main tips.

1. Examine if the criticism is valid or not

Whether it be books or blog posts, many people find pleasure in criticizing you meaninglessly. These critics might sometimes hold a grudge to you or maybe merely jealous of you. Others are mentally unstable and find happiness in meaningless criticizing. However, others in it give sound, accurate criticisms in the intention to guide you to improve your skills.

By neglecting the criticism wholly, you even ignore the last group whose criticisms will leave a valuable lesson for you. Try going through each of them. Learn to distinguish between which is to be considered and which doesn’t need your attention.

2. Deciding on whether to respond to criticism or not

You might feel sometimes, or the situation demands a criticism to be responded to. Some instances, when keeping silent, might make you look bad are when you are accused of inappropriate behavior or alleged with the crime of plagiarism.

So, analyze the situation and make up a decision. It is better to ignore the criticisms from a regular critic whom you feel will be fuelled to do more harm in pace with your response.

3. Giving yourself enough time before responding to such critical comments

Once spoken or written and published in haste, it cannot be taken back. Thus, take time for yourselves to calm down, think peacefully, and then go for reacting to it.

4. Allowing others to comment on the criticism of your blogs

You have critics doesn’t mean that you don’t have fans. There might be a good fan following for you who can give the best replies to these comments.


As a blogger, you should expect and welcome criticisms. Reacting to these must be in a mature way and should not affect your physical and mental health.


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