Download Call Of Duty APK For Android

Download Call Of Duty APK For Android


This realistic war game featuring many different fighting phases and real war details is now available on your android mobile phone, you can join the battleground as a special forces commando to experience handling many war weaponry from grenades, guns, pistols and more.Like in real-life war missions, you must use guns and ammo wisely, especially your 5.56 ammo, once emptied of ammo, you are left unprotected and bare. This is exactly how you feel playing this game.You can choose whatever you piece of armament you want to try from in the list at the bottom of the screen.

Be careful not to waste your ammunition and watch out the new advanced shooting tools, download Call of Duty For apk android Mobile Phones and experience the thrill and danger of fighting the zombies.

Modern Warfare Battle Royale Mode

Battle Royale is a Blackout or Survival mode where endurance is the most crucial thing. In this mode, you can choose to face the bloodthirsty zombies and you have to escape or kill them to win the game.

Multiple Players

Group gameplay is also available in the newest edition where you can form a team of 5 soldiers against another team with the same number of players, in this mode of the game you have to complete tasks and earn points to gain many additional features in order to survive.

Additional Features

On the new Android mobile game, the landing location of the planes is administered via the map and the landing is executed using high-speed parachutes with distinctive jumping uniforms, you can choose your soldier character, shift different weaponry from the controls at the bottom of the screen. As well as the Go down, jump and refill the ammunition buttons to the right of the screen.


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