Photolemur- The Best Photo Enhancer for Android And Mac

Photolemur- The Best Photo Enhancer for Android And Mac


Are you a wanderlust who likes to take pictures of the beautiful nature and the destinations? Are you a foodie who loves to take snaps of your favorite food before eating? Or are you a selfie addict? If the answer to all these questions is YES, you definitely love photo editing tools out there that can you’re your pictures more appealing. Well, though there are various software or apps available online to correct a photo, the best among them is Photolemur that will give life to the captured image.

This photo enhancing software allows you to improve the quality of an image by automatically applying various filters to it. Photolemur software does all that editing work by including Artificial Intelligence on their programs.

In this article, you will explore everything about this great software that will help you edit and enhance your photos automatically, even if you have no time to edit it on your own.


Photolemur is a photo enhancing software and app that is available for both Mac and Android users. This software automatically improves the quality of the images by using advanced Artificial Intelligence and Algorithms. It’s Artificial Intelligence technology alters the images from fine to superfine by instantly performing complex adjustments.

Even many advanced quality cameras with spectacular lenses are available in the market that will help you capture a beautiful image with full clarity. It’s far a bit easy to lose the vibrancy of the colors you see with naked eyes while capturing a beautiful scene.

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Photolemur, with its brilliant features, brings back the bright and vivid colors of the world in your photographs at ease.

Features of PHOTOLEMUR

The features that Photolemur Software offers are as follows:

  • Easy to use
  • Artificial Intelligence-powered technology
  • Automatic face enhancement
  • Export to SmugMug (supported only on MAC)
  • Batch processing of multiple images
  • Comparison between Before and After the look of the images

Filters offered by PHOTOLEMUR

Following are the filters that Photolemur provides that can you use to enhance your photographs:

  • Sky Enhancement
  • Color Recovery
  • Exposure Compensation
  • Foliage Enhancement
  • Smart Dehaze
  • Natural Light Correction
  • Tint Perfection
  • RAW Process
  • Face Retouching
  • Cloud-Based Process etc.

A new Noise Reduction filter that minimizes the noise for beautifully clean images is coming soon in the updated version of the software.

How to use PHOTOLEMUR?

Here are the steps that are to be followed for transforming a good image into a great one with Photolemur.

  1. Open the PHOTOLEMUR app or software.
  2. Just drag and drop or import the image or multiple images that you need to edit or enhance.
  3. Let the app complete all the adjustments
  4. To save an image, click on the Export button and choose the export location.

Last Few Words:

Photolemur will be an ideal software and app for the people who have no time to correct a photo. It’s an easy-to-use app that offers you the best advantage of multiple batch processing and compares the before and after photo by moving the slider. So, if you want to get perfect pictures, you simply drag and drop them in Photolemur.


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