How to repair a refrigerator: Quick tips and guidelines

How to repair a refrigerator: Quick tips and guidelines


When you have a refrigerator, it is one of the few appliances that work constantly in your home. It runs irrespective of the time: day and night. But if it is breaking down quite often, it means it needs some care. Apart from this, if you are ever calling a professional home, you would understand how much they bill you for every visit they make to your place to fix your refrigerator. Isn’t that a nightmare?

So here we have some of the tips and guidelines to follow when it comes down to repair. You can expect this article here to tell you the basics of what you need to know when it comes to repairing the refrigerator. Also, apart from that, you can repair the freezer too.

Some basic information about the refrigerators

While we talk about repairing the appliance, the refrigerator and freezers have two basic components. The liquid coolant which is present is always circulated by these coils and it is done through a compressor and a motor. The refrigerant liquid is then cooled in the condenser; it then flows to the evaporator.

The evaporator has the air coolant in the unit which is done by the contact of the liquid-filled coil. The condenser of the refrigerator and the freezer is the coil which is on the outside of the refrigeration unit. The evaporator is the coil on the inside. The coolant is circulated throughout the system by a compressor.

Some more things to know:

Most of the refrigerators and freezers you purchase are free of frost. In such type of unit, the heater is automatically turned on by a timer to melt all the frost inside the unit. This frost is melted and then, at several different spots in the unit, it starts with the coldest and the most frosted areas. Once the frost is completely melted, the thermostat is automatically switched on the cooling cycle is that it can maintain the standard freezing temperature. The whole system is automatic and doesn’t build the frost inside the box.

How to fix the Refrigerator problems?

Do you have a leaking fridge? Here is what you are supposed to do:

If there is water constantly flowing from your fridge to the kitchen floor, it is a very common problem. It is mainly because of the door gaskets. All you got to do is to defrost the drain and drain pan.

What if the fridge makes loud noises?

Making a little bit of sound is okay but is it too loud? The buzzing and the vibrations aren’t normal hence you are going to do a few things for the refrigerator repair:

  • The refrigerator needs to be leveled: your fridge has the leveling legs which need to be occasionally leveled. Hence, use a wrench to turn the legs back into shape. The doors should be able to shut on their own when they are opened halfway. Hence, adjust the legs with the door halfway open and you will be able to level it up properly.
  • You can place the fridge on a soundproof mat: well, this is a good idea to implement. There is a special dense soundproof mat that can go under the fridge. This reduces the vibration which passes the legs onto the floor.
  • Replace the evaporator fan grommets: The evaporator fan is accessible from the freezer compartment. Unplug the fridge; remove all the items from the freezer. Now with a screwdriver, just open the access door at the very back of the freezer and remove it. This fan can be the reason of those rattling sounds due to the worn-out rubber grommets. Just replace them and fix it back.
  • Adjust the icemaker: when your fridge emits a buzzing sound for every 10-15 minutes, you need to understand that the ice maker is trying to make ice but it isn’t able to. Raise the ice sensor arm and see if the supply valve is turned on. You can check if the line is still attached and not leaking.

What if the fridge is not cold enough?

It is simple to fix this. Adjust the temperature settings as per the season. It may be due to the change in the seasons that this can happen. If not, you can check for blockage. All the tall items may have been placed which is blocking the flow of cold air. Hence, move away from all the tall items away from the back.


Hence, these are a few tips and guidelines you can follow for appliance repair such as refrigerator. Make sure you clean the coils every two or three months so as to reduce the risks of breakdown. Vacuum under and around the coils and be careful of not snapping the coil.


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