Web applications are a combination of dynamic web sites and server-side programming. Web application development is Velvetech creation of application programs residing on remote servers. These are then delivered to a device over the Internet. Many web development software can help people tap into technology with ease. They let you create, edit, and update web pages without any difficulties.


One of the best website design tools, Macaw is the best web design software for code-savvy people. It provides flexibility and also writes semantic HTML and CSS. You can also make a responsive webpage with beautiful typography and system fonts. Macaw lets you style the elements at once. It is a free website design software with a moderate learning curve. Its Alchemy tool can convert design elements to CSS or HTML codes. You can also save your design elements in the library for future use. The real-time layout engine lets you manipulate design elements with ease. Macaw optimizes your whole website for all devices.


This is the most well-known website building platform. There is no fee to avail of its basic features. You can pay $5 a month for its personal package, $8 a month for the premium, and $25 for its business package. This blogging platform also offers an E-commerce package for $45 every month. WordPress, developed in PHP language, is one of the best web development tools. Many use this as a Content Management System to set up a commercial website. It supports building a website on your server with PHP/MySQL database. It has the WYSIWYG text editor and it allows co-authoring with several authors. Its features include permalinks optimized for search engines, static pages, and member registration. WordPress is easy to install and you can get started with dozens of site-building tools. Its rich third-party plugins let you use expanded features, both flexible and powerful. WordPress offers various free site templates and themes.


This all-in-one web prototyping tool offers three packages. Solo users can avail of the individual package for $199 a year. The team package, which is good for ten users, is for $1999 a year. The enterprise package is good for thirty users and costs $9999 a year. Mockplus is an all-inclusive design tool for developers and designers. You can use it to create smarter, faster, and easier website prototypes. It uses simple drag-and-drop and also supports mobile and desktop apps prototyping. Mockplus aims to keep users focused on design itself rather than the tool. It offers incomparable features for making better design and development.

Adobe Dreamweaver

One of the most trustworthy web developer tools, it offers two packages. The individual packages are from $9.99 to $82.99 per month. The business packages vary from $33.99 to $79.99 per month. Adobe Dreamweaver is a proprietary web development tool from Adobe Systems. It is available for both Windows and macOS. Its nice environment combined with a code editor and a live view makes it one of the best. It has a free trial giving users some time to experiment and check Adobe Dreamweaver.


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