In the IT world, every good product quickly gains a whole host of admirers. That is how it has been in the case of Laravel, a popular framework, which in a few years matched the global competition.

What is Laracon?

Laracon is the largest gathering of Laravel enthusiasts in the world.  It was first organised in 2013 and has gained wide popularity since then. During this several-day conference, specialists from various departments in the IT industry gather to use Laravel in their work in some way. Laracon is a great opportunity to listen to interesting lectures, but also to meet new people and find answers to bothering questions about Laravel.

Participating in Laracon gives  you a plenty of opportunities, for example:

  • to listen to the leaders in this field, which is important in today’s world,
  • to gain a fresh perspective on Laravel and your work,
  • to get inspired and motivated,
  • to have a good time with people sharing the same interests, which will result in interesting memories and acquaintances.

Where and when?

This year’s edition will be held in the beautiful Dutch capital, Amsterdam, and more specifically in NDSM Wharf, which is the site of a former shipyard located on the banks of the IJ River. The conference will last from 28th to 30th August, and the organizers are already inviting you to buy tickets, offering interesting discounts for groups of 2 or more.

Who will perform?

At the conference, you can meet many interesting people. This year’s Laracon featured speakers include:

  • Adel Faizrakhmanov – Software Developer at Patron Technology,
  • Katerina Trajchevska – Softrware Engineer and CEO at Adeva,
  • Dries Vints – Software Developer in Laravel,
  • Srdjanc Vranac – Consultant at Code4Hire,
  • Taylor Otwell – Creator Laravel.

What is Laravel and why has it become so popular?In short, Laravel is a framework or programming platform for building applications, writing websites, etc. ·         Laravel quickly gained its popularity, because after two years, it was the most searched Google framework, and currently its popularity is comparable to other such programs.On one hand, Laravel is a framework that provides common solutions that are used to create websites and applications, such as authentication, sessions or caching. On the other hand, it also has many advantages that can not be found in other such platforms. It is very simple and comfortable to use, and learning how to use it should not take anyone much time.With each month, it is more and more often used to create websites and applications, and hence, more and more specialists who can handle it are needed. Beginnings can be difficult, but after mastering Laravela, it praised a lot.Among its many advantages, there are:

  • Authentication – Laravel has a built-in authentication system. The entire program can be started with one command, and the program itself will also create the most-used functions for us, such as registration or login pages.
  • Blade template – Laravel has its own dedicated template system that is simple and intuitive.
  • Eloquent model – this solution in Laravel is used for database design, using classes in PHP.

These are just a few of Laravel’s many advantages that you can only get to know personally using this framework. Participation in Laracon can be an interesting experience that will not only help you gain a lot of knowledge, but also acquire new business contacts and develop on a professional and material level.


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