A lot of people will agree that there is no other device created that is as reliable as a smartphone. This handy gadget can perform countless functions. Smartphone makers are even known to include a variety of hidden features that further increase the functionality of the device.

Suffice it to say,a smartphone is highly useful in times of emergency. In fact, NHK World reported on a smartphone app that Professor Toshinari Nagasaka of Rikkyo University in Tokyo was developing to alert town folks about impending disaster. The app issues an alert that automatically reads out the message from disaster crisis management authorities.

Likewise, there is this new AI-equipped camera system that helps stores detect possible shoplifters. This camera system monitors body language and alerts store workers on their smartphones about suspicious activities in the store.

Indeed, the smartphone makes one great emergency buddy, and below are five ways you can use this device in unsafe situations.

1. Use it to book a Uber or taxi

When you find yourself in a shady side of town and you want the quickest way to get out of there, use a Uber or taxi app to quickly book a ride. Find a safe location for you and wait to be picked up right there.

But for this, you need to be able to connect to the Internet with your phone. So, make sure that you have a phone that comes with a mobile Internet package.

2. Download safety apps

There is a range of personal safety apps that you can download from the Google Play Store, and they offer a variety of ways for you to protect yourself in dangerous situations.

For example, the “Watch Over Me” app is like having a group of friends with you when you are out. Basically, the app notifies a certain group of contacts on your phone about your activity, such as walking home or taking a cab. It also estimates how long it would take for you to get from where you started to your intended destination.

With this app, you have to tap on a button to confirm your safety once you have reached your destination. If not, it will alert your contacts about your location, so they can take action and ensure your safety.

An app like “Watch Over Me” is ideal to use when you are commuting at night and if you sense someone following you, or when the cab you got into has decided to take a long route for some reason.

3. Assign speed dial numbers

This is no fancy trick but a lot of people actually do not use the speed dial function. Start assigning contacts for speed dial to make SOS calls a breeze. This basic phone function has saved many — particularly children who were too young go through their contacts list and read names properly — from abduction. With just two buttons (typically) to press, a call is made to someone who can help you in a critical moment.

Do not forget these important phone tips, especially when you are traveling. Put on speed dial numbers in international format the moment you get to the airport, and test them to see if they work.

4. Turn on that phone camera

This has been a highly effective trick to use in threatening moments. If you ever find yourself in a sticky situation or if you are dealing with an aggressive person, turn on the phone camera and document the situationThe footage will serve as evidence and sometimes, it is enough to put a halt to threats from another person who may want to do you harm.

5. Download alarm sound apps

The loud sound of a siren or a horn can startle anybody. You can turn it on whenever your safety is threatened. If you need to draw attention to yourself to put a halt to an attack, just sound the alarm.


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