Boost Productivity with These Workflow Automation Tips

Boost Productivity with These Workflow Automation Tips


Improving your workplace productivity using workflow automation is much more than just a trend. It is an effective way to reduce the tasks that don’t add any value to your business and that takes up too much of your most valuable resource – time.

Keep reading to know how workflow automation can benefit your business and help you boost productivity.

Know What to Do and What to Do First

While this may seem obvious, it isn’t. There are many situations when people don’t know what they need to do next or what is the biggest priority. With workflow automation tools, like the one from Mitratech, you typically have a “pending task” or “inbox” list for each user. With this, each person can see the tasks they are assigned and the priority of each task. In some cases, there’s even room for additional relevant data.

Pass on Tasks Quickly

After a task is complete, there are some situations where the job will “sleep” a while before it moves on to the next person in the chain. However, when you have automated the workflow, this process moves much faster and is sent automatically to the next person.

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The Business Moves and Flows Without Your Continued Input

When someone asks, “whom should we send this to,” or “what should I do with this,” to finish a task, it means the business is dependent on you. What’s even more problematic is that you become a slave to your work. You need to take steps to formalize the workflows, determine what is in the pipeline to be done, who needs to do it, and what will come next in the system.

Using a BPMN diagram to draw your workflow will be beneficial and allow you to assign people along the chain. This means everything is not dependent on you.

Find and Eliminate Bottlenecks

Most processes experience bottlenecks. This is a stage in the workflow that takes more time than what is really needed. The issue is that it is more difficult to find where these are. With workflow automation, it’s not only possible to find the bottlenecks but also to get rid of them altogether.

It’s easy to get bogged down with work, regardless of what type of business you run. Being informed and knowing what tools and technology are out there to help with this is essential. As you can see, workflow automation has a lot of benefits to offer and if you haven’t used this in the past, now is the time to try it.


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