How to bulk-remove all unnecessary themes and plugins from your site

How to bulk-remove all unnecessary themes and plugins from your site


Once people start working on their WordPress site, they often use many themes and plugins while they are in the process of the site’s development. People mostly tend to collect different themes, layouts, plugins, and tools, since WP is a very flexible platform making it the perfect place to experiment with different solutions. But once people find a suitable solution for their respective page, they are often stuck with all of these unnecessary plugins and themes that can significantly make your site slow and even cause problems with security and performance. Everyone wants their webpage to be fast and compatible, and you can achieve just that thanks to one handy little helper that you will love. The name of the tool is WP Reset, and it will resolve all your problems with unnecessary themes and plugins, so even when a redirection plugin isn’t an option, you’ll be able to easily clean everything up.


Using WP Reset


The WordPress Reset plugin will help you eliminate all unnecessary themes and plugins that you don’t use; it will help you speed up your site’s deployment, testing, and recovery, all with one click only. This tool is straightforward to use, and no extra knowledge in site development is required to use it. There are many unique features that you can find within WP Reset. Thanks to the Snapshots option, you get your time machine if you do something to your site that doesn’t fit well, allowing you to correct your mistakes with only one click. You can create your plugins and themes collection and you can install them after resetting your site or when you make a new one. The emergency recovery tool is another excellent feature that allows you to open your site via a secure link in case it is completely broken or under some malware threat. The cleaning tools will help you get your site perfect by removing all unnecessary content and junk. The nuclear reset option allows you to remove all data and reset your site entirely, helping you have a fresh start. The automatic snapshots feature is particularly useful just if something goes wrong with your site. With this option, you can have saved versions of your site. This is very good to use just before you make some critical updates and installations. Of course, there is also The Cloud, making sure that you have backup options available and giving you the possibility to access all your snapshots and collections from every site. WP Reset Dashboard is useful in case you have multiple websites that you need to manage. Thanks to the Dashboard feature, you will be able to control all your websites, collections, and Snapshots from one place, saving you a lot of time and money. These and many other features will make your site great, relieving you from additional cost, saving you a lot of time and energy.


In conclusion:


Having a compatible and functional website is crucial to have a successful career in the IT industry. It can be tricky for many beginners to fully understand everything in the online world, causing them many problems. Thankfully, plugins like WP Reset will help you to both save and improve your work, securing you one professional and good-looking website.


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