Should I Use An SEO Company?

Should I Use An SEO Company?


Whether you’re a small-to-medium sized business trying to increase your online presence or a well-established firm that wants to get a leg up in a saturated industry, taking on an SEO agency may surely offer you an edge over the competition and build brand exposure.

Here we touch upon some of the main benefits organizations (of all sizes) stand to gain by employing a competent SEO service. So you can decide if your firm needs SEO.

SEO Beats Sponsored Ads

Pouring thousands into a digital marketing agency in Sydney that primarily focuses on pay-per-click (PPC) advertising can seem like a fantastic approach to boost traffic to your site and bolster brand recognition, but it does come with its pitfalls.

Over 70% of marketers feel that organic search results are more successful than PPC. Not only that, but the Google algorithm likes organic ranking over sponsored, leading to increased search exposure when you follow SEO best practices — Paid search only produces 10% of website traffic whereas organic ranking generates 51%!

Our SEO agency in Sydney, for example, helped a customer enhance their organic search traffic by 18%, resulting in a 14% increase in online bookings.

SEO Implies More Income

Wherever you decide to put your money in digital marketing, you always want to see a lucrative Return on Investment (ROI). And again, Google Ads could look like the logical choice for delivering a huge net profit. But the data reveal a different tale. Google determined that for every $1 advertising spent on PPC, they made $2.

So, if you’re a firm that wants bang for your buck (and you surely should), then outsourcing to an SEO agency in Australia is almost likely the way to go. Our Sydney digital agency increased a client’s e-Commerce by 95%!

Local SEO Is Great

Law businesses, gyms, hotels, and medical offices can all profit from engaging an Australian SEO agency. Why? A method that boosts your search engine presence for local customers seeking your products or services.

Here are some numbers that show how important Local SEO is:

  • 46% of Google searches are local
  • “Near me” queries have surged 500% in two years, making up 84% of mobile search traffic.
  • 76% of shoppers visit a store they spotted online

An SEO Agency Does Your Work

Even if you have an in-house SEO staff writing content, back-linking, and inserting high-value keywords, it’s a strain on resources. Internal SEO teams may lack the knowledge and experience of SEO agencies.

Ranking with popular keywords isn’t easy. SEO businesses are highly skilled at getting websites into the top 10 organic search results.

Why Not Join 49% Of Firms That Spend On SEO (And 31% That Intend To)?

Outsourcing to SEO service in Australia will boost your internet position and allow you to focus on ‘running your business

SEO Agency In Sydney, Australia

Australian Internet Advertising’s SEO is consultative and data-driven. We work with your organization to discover what creates actual business outcomes for your brand, then develop a bespoke plan to attract relevant traffic that converts into high-value consumers. We analyze your website and industry to find SEO’s best uses.

Our combined strategy is the finest. Full-service digital agency in Sydney offering web development, Google Ads, performance marketing, social media management, and SEO. Digital marketing is our specialty.


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