Why Backlinks are Important

Why Backlinks are Important


There are no magical shortcuts, no insider hacks that are highly classified to get quality links to the website. It takes effort to create stunning backlinks. But that is the last thing the vagrants of the forum want to say. They want a fast fix, and it’s a whole lot harder to build anything of value than slapping a forum signature on a discussion thread post. So, the message falls on deaf ears often. If anyone connects to the website, they’ve got a backlink from them. If a user connects to another page, the user has a backlink.

Why are backlinks important?

  • Rankings: Backlinks are used by search engines as votes of confidence. In general, the more votes the web pages have, the more likely they are to rank for important search queries. On a few occasions, users have researched link-based ranking factors and often notice the same thing: the number of backlinks from specific websitesare closely associated with organic search traffic.
  • Discoverability: By revisiting pages, which they already know about, to look for new links, search engines find new content. Since search engines revisit popular pages more often than unpopular ones, if they get backlinks from popular pages, they can discover their content faster.
  • Referral traffic: To point people to valuable tools, backlinks exist. For that reason, they’re clickable. Users get referral traffic when someone clicks on a link to the website.

What makes a backlink a good one?

Backlinks are not always made equal. Here are some of the many attributes, which contribute to the quality, and utility of a backlink.

  • Relevance: Since users are more likely to click on them, the search engine puts more emphasis on related backlinks. This is something in the fair surfer patent they write about.
  • Authority: Typically, backlinks from powerful web pages transfer more power than those from poor ones. Page-level authority is something that has been tested a few times by users, and a strong link between it and organic traffic has been identified.
  • Traffic: High-traffic backlinks can typically send more referral traffic to users than those from low-traffic sites.
  • Placement: Since people are more likely to click links that are prominently placed, certain links on web pages are likely to have more influence than others.

Since buy backlinks is often the quickest way to obtain them, it is also the most desirable way for a website owner intent on increasing his search engine ranking. The search engine explicitly notes that the purchasing of backlinks violates search engine webmaster guidelines to boost their rating. In a way, a link from another website to the owner is a virtual vote, so it’s no surprise that the search engine finds it immoral to pay for votes. The reason many companies have and continue to get away with buying links is that there are gazillions of links scattered across the internet and it is not always easy for the search engine to distinguish between paid backlinks and natural backlinks that have been put on real merit.


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